Handmade Sloth Gift Bags for Book Buddies

On most Fridays during our daughter’s kindergarten year, the kids would meet up with their book buddies – students from a 4th grade class who came into the classroom and helped the kindies read and complete themed craft projects.  Our daughter would just gush over her book buddy, also named Sophia, and would point her out to me in the hallway whenever she saw her.  About halfway through the year, I had our daughter, S, find out what some of her book buddy’s favorites were – colors, animals, etc.  She reported back that Sophia loved sloths and the the color teal.  Shortly after, I found some cute sloth fabric at my local craft store, and got the idea to make a zippered pencil bag for Sophia.  There was a little turquoise color in the print, so I picked out a matching zipper and gray fabric for the lining.

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